Lets Go Get it Because the World is Lost!!

What comes to mind when I think of the status quo of the world is unrest and violence, I think of the zero tolerance policies in schools; I think of prisons and  I think of lives being used for profit by the current prison industrial complex. I think of how people see it better to invest in war and the construction of prisons than the construction of strong young men and young women who have what is needed to succeed. Fredrick Douglas once said, “it is easier to raise a strong child than it is to fix a broken man”. I wish we would have listen to this wise man over one hundred years ago.

The Positive Peace Warrior Network will strive to connect, train, and expose the existing Kingian Nonviolence training Centers to one another and to each other’s issues and the overall connection between their communities. The mission of the Positive Peace Warriors Network is to make Kingian Nonviolence available to all youth of the world. We are committed to building  an intergenerational Kingian nonviolence training movement, linking existing training centers and foundations with grassroots organizations, high schools, colleges/universities, and community leaders interested in studying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy, global cultures and the history of nonviolent direct action.  Our purpose is to equip today’s students, community organizations, and leaders with “the 6 Steps” or “Skill” and “the 6 Principles or “Will” of Kingian Nonviolence as a strategy to heal communities, build collective strength and generate an environment of hope and opportunity.

Not since the Great Depression of the 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s have many men and women found themselves not only unemployed but unable to find employment that pays a livable wage.  Lastly, there has never been a longer lasting United States Military Warfare effort in the history of our soon to be 235 years old nation. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., said that he may not get there with us referring to “The Mountain Top/Promise Land” but he sure describes current times perfectly and what we should avoid. It’s almost like he never left us.

There have never been more youth senselessly killed, kicked out of school, and jailed then ever before. The 20th century was one of the most violent and uncompassionate 100 years that humankind has ever seen and my goal is to train a small group of individuals to assist in the global effort to make the 21st Century the most nonviolent Century that we have ever seen.  In line with the US Peace Index I propose that if middle school and high school student learn Kingian Nonviolence that we could lower the level of youth being incarcerated and in turn save enough money to pay for the program in future years.

The time has come for us to conduct what we do with greater intention. There have been great strides made in the last 10 years institutionalizing Kingian nonviolence on a global and national level.  The Student Nonviolence Coordinating Committee (SNCC) as an organization was created to reflect the philosophy of Nonviolence and Agape, which we would all recognize that to be the Six Principles of Kingian Nonviolence.  SNCC had a second role and purpose and that was to coordinate organizing efforts and provide Nonviolence philosophical and tactical support and consultation for those working towards the “Beloved Community”. It is time to organize!! The work of Dr. Martin Luther  King Jr., is needed now more than ever and today’s youth need to learn that Freedom, opportunity to achieve, and happiness is not just a “Dream”. It can be realized through desire, compassion and hard work!

The Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies at the University of Rhode Island has conducted one of the only annual Kingian Nonviolence Training Institute in the world in addition to the Nonviolence Legacy Project in Tucson, AZ; The Connecticut Nonviolence Center in Hartford, CT; and The King Center in Atlanta, GA, and it has been operating for the last 10 years under the Leadership of Dr. Bernard LaFayette Jr., a co-founding member of Student Nonviolent coordinating Committee, confidant of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Director of the Poor Peoples campaign and has been my mentor for the same length of time.

Now is the time! There has never been more activists and Nonviolence trainers in the world then there are right now. As you breathe now there has never been a better time for collective intentional collaborative effort to coordinate Nonviolence Direct Action training. (HOW DO YOU PROPOSE BRINGING THIS ALL TOGETHER?)

We want to explore the power of coordinating all or as many of the Kingian Nonviolence Training programs and centers.  We want to explore the impact of a week-long Advanced Kingian Nonviolence Youth Trainer of Trainers Certification program could have on the 5 least peaceful states in America. According the US Peace Index the 5 least peaceful states in the United States, in descending order, are  Alabama, Florida, Nevada, Tennesse, and Louisiana. I will work with existing Kingian Nonviolence Training centers, in Arizona, Missouri, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Florida to provide the training and the follow up training and support. The program reduced violence by 70% in one year at North Lawndale High School in Chicago Illinois and the program continues to grow 3 years later.

I would like to conduct a 2 year Kingian Nonviolence institutionalization effort in one local high schools and one college campus in each of the 5 least peaceful states in the United States, according to the US Peace Index or in existing location of Kingian Nonviolence Centers to help grow deeper roots in their communities. This means that they would commit to participating in a 5 Phase training program. The model has been used in other location recently; Tucson, Arizona; Hartford, Connecticut; and Chicago, Illinois. The training would focus on institutionalizing Youth led Kingian nonviolence training programs.


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