Stand for something or you will fall for anything!!!

Click here to print your PPWN pledge today.  

Please fill in the blanks and mail it to 60 Joseph st, Providence RI 02904.

Positive Peace Warrior Network

“World House” Pledge

The PPWN is an organization grounded in the Kingian Nonviolence principles, a place where fear and ignorance are the enemies to personal growth. Our intellect is used to promote a thorough, fair and just understanding of all people, cultures, disciplines, and philosophies.

Physical and emotional acts of violence in any form against any member of the “World House”. These acts of violence will not be tolerated. All members of the “World House” have the right to freedom of expression however if this expression threatens the values or principles by which this “Beloved Community” is guided the PPWN will act appropriately to protect the rights of every individual member of the “World House”.

I______(State your Name)__________ declare that I will seek to understand the similarities and appreciate the differences among the various members and cultures of the “World House”.

As a member of this planet I have a personal responsibility to myself, and the “World House” to promote a cultural understanding, because what effects you directly affects me indirectly. I may not agree with the traditions of any given individual/culture, however, I will not use any form of violence toward anyone for their personal beliefs, personal heritage,, personal preference, or past behavior by acting out of fear or ignorance.

As a member of the PPWN I understand that everyone deserves the same respect and acknowledgement. Acts of violence against any member of the community will be addressed while preserving the dignity of the victim, perpetrator, and the community as the ultimate goal of the PPWN.


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Click here to download your PPWN pledge today.  

Please fill in the blanks and mail it to 60 Joseph st, Providence RI 02904.


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