Kingian N.E.T.WORK Strategic Planning Meeting

Good Day Level I & II Certified Nonviolence Trainers:

A group of Kingian Nonviolence centers and programs (see list at the bottom of this message) are conducting a survey of Level I and II certified nonviolence practitioners as a next step in forming a national network of nonviolence trainers and programs. The information that is gathered from the survey and follow up conversations will help to shape a three-day meeting, which is being planned for June 18-20, 2011 at the University of Rhode Island (immediately following URI’s annual Summer Nonviolence Institute).**  This meeting will be open to anyone who has received their Level II Kingian Nonviolence Certificate.

We ask you to look at this survey as a call to action.  If you decide to participate in the survey, we suggest that you complete the questions on a separate word document and then cut and paste your answers into the electronic survey found below (because you cannot save your progress while taking the survey and return to finish). Please complete the survey by April 30, 2010. The results will be shared with everyone who participated and a document will be produced summarizing the collective wisdom of the Kingian Nonviolence Network.

Click the link to answer the survey:

There have never been more Kingian Nonviolence trainers in the world than there are right now. Now is the time for us to coordinate all our nonviolence training and community organizing efforts into a powerful national and international movement, with quarterly and annual actions and conferences that bring us ever closer to institutionalizing and internationalizing nonviolence, as Martin Luther King, Jr. instructed his National Program Administrator, Bernard LaFayette, Jr., on the morning of Dr. King’s assassination. We invite you to join us in taking another important step in our collective pilgrimage toward building the Beloved Community.

Click the link to answer the survey:

In Peace and for Justice,
    • LaFayette & Associates
    • The Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies at the University of Rhode Island
    • The Nonviolence Legacy Project & the Phoenix Nonviolence Truth Force of the Culture of Peace Alliance in Arizona;
    • Connecticut Center for Nonviolence
    • Peace Development Fund; Building Life Foundations
    • Able’s Community Foundation in Tampa FL
    • The Positive Peace Warriors Network.

**JOIN US: International Kingian Nonviolence Network Strategic Planning Meeting

Experienced Kingian Nonviolence trainers from around the country are coming together to share, learn, and plan how we can:

1. Work together intentionally to institutionalize and internationalize Kingian Nonviolence.

2. Raise awareness of Kingian Nonviolence training activity and safeguard the standards of Kingian Nonviolence training programs.

WHO: Dr. Lafayette will be present for the meeting.


WHEN: JUNE 18-20, 2011

COST:  Option 1 HOUSING $195.00 (includes lodging and training material and supplies)

              Option 2 COMMUTER $100.00 (includes training materials and supplies)

We are currently fund-raising so scholarships may be available upon request.



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