Kingian Nonviolence NETwork Supporting the Occupation Movement with Kingian Nonviolence education.


These are interesting and exciting times in the United States.  The Occupy Wall St. movement has inspired multiple other cities to launch similar occupation actions. These occupations, which are true grassroots movements, provide us Kingian Nonviolence trainers with a wonderful way to offer our nonviolence training services and knowledge. In several cities across the country Kingian Nonviolence trainers have offered their services and have received positive support from occupation organizers and participants.
In Phoenix, AZ the Phoenix Nonviolence Truthforce was asked to provide nonviolence trainings for Occupy Phoenix.  Three two-hour workshops have been scheduled. Furthermore, Level I Trainer Carolyn Vesecky has been asked to give a talk about nonviolence before the occupation officially begins and Kingian Nonviolence trainings will be offered as long as there is the demand. The first training, held at a union office, received good media attention; two television news reports and an article in the main Phoenix newspaper.
In Providence, RI, After attending a Occupation General Assembly, Jonathan Lewis has been asked to provide Kingian Nonviolence training for the Occupy Providence movement. Three five-hour training sessions have been set up so far.
In Tucson, AZ Ann Yellott and the Nonviolence Legacy Project are planning soon make contact with the Occupy Tucson movement, offering to provide nonviolence training.
In Hartford, CT, Victoria Christgau has attended Occupy Hartford events and has offered to provide the group with Kingian Nonviolence training.
In Washington D.C., Kingian Trainer Arthur Romano was part of team that led a nonviolence workshop prior to the launch of the “Stop the Machine, Create a New World” movement.
Also, this weekend, Jonathan Lewis will be heading down to Occupy Wall St. to support the movement, gather information and teach Kingian Nonviolence if the opportunity presents itself. Nick Katkevich will also be heading to Occupy Wall St. next week and then move on to Washington DC where he plans to offer his Kingian Nonviolence services.
This is a great opportunity to introduce large groups of people to Kingian Nonviolence while also supporting a peoples movement that is quickly growing.  The easiest way to get in contact with your local occupation movement is to search on facebook or twitter. Also, the organizing tool being utilized by these occupations are general assemblies where everyone has the opportunity to speak and to participate.  Attending one of these general assemblies is a great way to humbly offer your Kingian Nonviolence services.  If you have provided Kingian Nonviolence training to an Occupation Movement or have offered to, please
On another note check out this well written article that analyzers the Kingian philosophy and the Occupy Wall St. movement:

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