Civil Rights Tour – January 4-7 2012


This is my annual invitation to you about the January Civil Rights Tour.  The flyer giving information about content and cost is attached.
How does it work?  Well, the group will gather at the airport in Atlanta on the morning of January 4, and then board a chartered bus.  We will travel over the next 4 days across Alabama to Mississippi, and up the Delta to Memphis, Tennessee, and finally back to Atlanta.  Along the way we will be visiting sites where important events occurred during the Civil Rights Movement.  While on the road, the bus will be at various times a travelling seminar, a movie theatre, a participatory concert, and (thankfully) a nap room.
The people on the bus get to know each other pretty well, and often form lifelong friendships.  After 16 of these tours, I have never heard of anyone (out of over 400 participants) who regretted the experience.  A few members of the Psychology department have gone in past years, and I would like to encourage more of my colleagues and students to participate.  You will get some new insight into nonviolent problem solving strategies, meet incredible people who have been working for the betterment of their communities for years, and deepen your knowledge of psychology-relevant aspects of U.S. history and social change.
Students, if you would like to discuss academic credit for the tour, please see me for suggestions.
I hope you will consider joining us in January.
Warm regards,

Charles E. Collyer, Ph.D., Professor
Department of Psychology and Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies
University of Rhode Island

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