Kingian Nonviolence Trainer Call of Action!!!!

Call to Action for all Kingian Nonviolence Trainers and educators the Occupy Providence Movement needs your participation. There are many people of all back grounds and ideologies that have come together to make people stop and question how we as a global community conduct business. We have decided that now is the time to make a change. A call was sent out to people of all nationalities to come together and say no to the way business is being done.  That call has been answered by over 1400 cities in 6 continents. I have traveled to Occupy Wall st. in NYC and I have been participating in Occupy Providence now for three weeks and the desire to learn about Kingian Nonviolence continues to grow with every workshop that is conducted.  I am asking each of you to find some time to visit Burnside Park and see what the Occupation is all about. The media is doing a bad job of presenting we the 99% are all about.  We have all studied this information for many reasons but those of us who have become trainers posses a deep desire to teach other about Kingian Nonviolence reconciliation. NOW IS THE TIME!!!! Now is the time to be uncomfortable.  Leave your communities, campuses and classrooms just for a day and be apart of the People’s Park in Providence and the Occupy Providence Movement. If you are reading this and you are not in the Providence, RI, area please take the time to feel what it is like to be among the Occupation in your community.

Workshop can be conducted during the day or at night, please check your schedule and find some time to join me and others teach the philosophy of nonviolence to the current generation of leaders that will impact the future generations. MORE PEOPLE! MORE POWER!! MORE PROGRESS!!!

If you are interested participating in training or conducting a different type of workshop please send me an email or send me a text at 401.952.7998.  We can all serve the movement in whatever way we feel comfortable and Occupy Providence is accepting donations of all kinds.

Positive Peace,

Jonathan L. Lewis

Lafayette & Associates

Senior Level Kingian Nonviolence Trainer

Positive Peace Warrior Network, Founder


One Response to Kingian Nonviolence Trainer Call of Action!!!!

  1. amydillonnv says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    Occupy Ottawa is exhibiting the same phenomenal organization, commitment and nonviolent approach that I am reading about elsewhere. It is impressive. I am giving an outdoor Kingian Nonviolence workshop at Occupy Ottawa on Saturday at 4 PM and Sunday at 10 AM. Those times were chosen as they are right before the before the general assembly at 6 PM on Saturday and noon on Sunday. I too am encouraging my peers here in Ottawa to go check out Occupy Ottawa. It is inspiring.

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