“My Anti-thesis”

I’m anti-coke and anti-crack
I’m anti-labeling weed as “whack”
I’m anti-cigarettes and toxic goo
And, don’t forget, I’m anti-Bush and Cheney too
I’m anti-oil and anti-gas, anti-coal and anti-trash
I’m anti-litter that pollutes our streets
I’m anti-education that’s incomplete

I’m anti-slums and anti-bums, anti-war and anti-guns
I’m anti-monopoly and special interest needs
I’m anti-tax breaks for the wealthy breed
I’m anti-propaganda and political abilis
I’m anti-corruption and media lies
I’m anti-hollywood and glamour scenes
I’m anti-makeup and child beauty queens

I’m anti-organizations that misuse their funds
And, I’m certainly anti-religions that molest the young
I’m most definitely anti-rape and violent disputes
In essence, I’m anti-criminals and distorted truths
I’m anti-fraternities like the NRA
And, if it wasn’t yet obvious, I’m anti-supremacy and the KKK

To be blunt, I’m anti-racism and ignorance
To be begged, I’m anti-destruction and belligerence
I should say I’m anti-peer pressure all throughout society
And, man, I’m anti-stress and anxiety
So, well, you read I’m anti-this and certainly anti-that
But, I’m absolutely pro-American, so don’t obscure the facts.

By Gypsy Rhymes


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