General Strike Wednesday, Nov. 2nd!!!

General Strike Wed Nov. 2nd!

At a General Assembly that was at one point 3,000 strong, Occupy Oakland voted to engage in a General Strike on Wednesday, November 2nd.  We welcome people from around the world to join us.

The last General Strike that happened in the US was in 1946, and it happened in Oakland.  After the events of the last couple of days, it is only right that the next one also comes from Oakland.

This is not one business closing due to workers on strike.  This is the entire city shutting down because all people are on strike.

The concept of “shutting the city down” has become common in activist circles.  But in recent Oakland history, “shutting the city down” has been attained by businesses closing out of fear that their windows will be smashed.  That will never build a movement.

But we are the 99%.  This time, business will be closing not out of fear that they will be attacked, but because they will be out in the streets with us.  That, my friends, is a movement.

So come out with us on November 2nd.  Participate to whatever extent you can.  Take the day off school/work and come to your local Occupy gatherings.  Take a long lunch.  Organize your co-workers.  Talk to your local businesses.  And let’s show the 1% that the 99% is who runs the world, and without our cooperation, business as usual will shut down.



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