Hip Hop Stands Up for Occupy

The very existence of Hip Hop has always been political.  It is a culture that grew out of a people that were told that they didn’t have a voice.  That their concerns and their realities didn’t matter.  So I often get frustrated at the dichotomy we create between “conscious” rap and “mainstream” rap.  It is all political.

That said, I do want to give special recognition to artists like Jasiri X, Rebel Diaz, Lupe Fiasco, and others who continue to take strong stances in support of movement work.  Here are some “Occupy” themed songs that have come out recently, check them out.

“Occupy (We the 99)” by Jasiri X.  My favorite one.  Make sure you check out his other videos too.

“We are the 99%” by Rebel Diaz, who blessed us with a performance recently at this event at Occupy Oakland.

“99 to 1” by Marcel Cartier

“Occupation Freedom” by Ground Zero & The Global Block Collective

“Better Days” by Rob Royalty & Flick Millan

“We are the 99” by Sgt Dunson

“Revolutionary Hip Hop: Occupy London” by DCP

What are your favorite Occupy Movement anthems?


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