6 Principles, as Recited by Brandford Davis

Check out this poetic recitation of the 6 Principles by Kingian Nonviolence Trainer Brandford Davis.

Press Play Here:

Six Principles

Are you a product of your environment or is your environment a product of you?

Do you realize the amount of power you hold?
But, understand it’s what you choose to do.
Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people.
Listen to my words, your perception, no need to deceit you.
I have my training, I’m going to replicate and teach ya.
Vernacular so powerful, I’m on my soapbox, Kingian Preacher.

What’s your hoods characteristic; emotional, mental & physical feature?

Because, the beloved community is the framework for the future.
Grab hold of the present to enforce this positive upheaval.
A lot of people are going to try to stop us but we not seeking their approval.

We are going to attack forces of evil, and not persons doing evil.
Were rewriting the wrongs of justice and making them equal.
There some people that won’t like what were doing, that’s going to turn into a mole.

May attack us and say our freedom they hold.
But we have to accept suffering without retaliation for the sake of the cause to achieve the goal.
Through this process we will strengthen our mind, body, and soul
To avoid internal violence of the spirit as well as, external physical violence.

When it’s all said and done our critics will be silenced.
More said and done our critics are nonviolent.
But more done than said our critics work to eliminate violence.
For those that don’t understand, it may seem mysterious.
Understanding Kingian Nonviolence, you’ll see how serious
Six principles will make it work. So trust this,
Cause the universe is on the side of justice.

-Brandford Micheal Davis- Level I Kingian Nonviolence Trainer 2011


One Response to 6 Principles, as Recited by Brandford Davis

  1. great rendition. POETIC JUSTICE love this. keep on brother

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