Announcing New Workshops!!

2/18 & 2/19 workshop in Oakland, CA

Since the beginning of this year, we have seen an incredible growth in interest in the Kingian Nonviolence philosophy, as well as support for our work at PPWN.  In the past month alone, we have entered into discussions about offering trainings or programs in Occupy movements around the country, High Schools and colleges on both coasts, and county jails.  We are humbled and grateful for all of the support, and we want to thank everyone who played a role.  We look forward to continuing to work towards the institutionalization of the philosophy and building a culture of positive peace.

2/24 & 2/25 workshop in Oakland, CA

In the meantime, we want to remind folks of the upcoming 2-day workshop in Seattle March 24th & 25th, as well as announce our next 2-day workshop in Oakland April 7th & 8th.  Please follow the links for more information and registration.

We also have additional workshops coming up in the Bay Area that are closed to members of the sponsoring organization, but if we do end up having additional space in them, we will open up the registration process to everyone.  Please contact to get updates or see our “Upcoming Events & Trainings” page for more information.

Thank you all for your ongoing support!

Positive Peace Warriors Network


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