Justice for Trayvon

The movement for justice for Trayvon Martin has recently taken the country by storm.  This incident is a rude reminder that we do not need to travel to Northern Uganda to find instances of brutal injustice.  We have so much work to do in our own backyard, and PPWN is grateful to all of the amazing organizers, activists, and others who have spoken out.

A new mural in Oakland, CA

This is not just an “activist” issue.  It is a human issue.  And we are reminded of that as Representative Bobby Rush was thrown off the house floor for wearing a hoodie.  As the entire Miami Heat team of the NBA posed for a picture of themselves wearing hoods.  As Clay Aiken talks about Trayvon while wearing a hoodie doing promotions for “Celebrity Apprentice.”  And we also reminded of this from the incredible strength and courage shown by Trayvon’s family.

Above is PPWN video footage of a recent Trayvon Martin solidarity rally and march that was held in San Francisco.  Please continue to spread the word by going to www.justicefortrayvonmartin.com, rockin your hoodies, and continuing to work for justice for all of our youth.


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