Help PPWN Reach $10,000 Matching Goal!!!

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The Positive Peace Warrior Network has recently received a $10,000 challenge grant from our friends at Peace Workers!!!  That means if we are able to raise $10,000 between now and the end of the summer, Peace Workers will double that money by awarding us with $10,000 more!  Peace Workers is a community of activists in the Bay Area working to nurture peace, justice, reconciliation and nonviolence in the world today.

We are grateful for this oppurtunity, and excited to kick off our first ever fundraising campaign!!!  We need to raise $10,000 by the end of this summer in order to receive the funds, and we need your help to meet our goal!!!  Every dollar you give will count twice with this match.  Please help us out by donating and sharing this with your friends.  Every dollar will count (twice!), especially since we are an incredibly small operation who have become experts at making money stretch and keeping the work going even when there is no money.  Throughout this past year, we saw how much we can accomplish with no money.  As we move forward, we are so excited to think about how much more we will be able to do with the proper resources backing us up.

As we look around our world, we see examples of violence everywere.  From the war in Afghanistan to the police killing of 18-year old Alan Blueford in Oakland to the internal, emotional and spiritual violence so many of us carry inside, it sometimes seems impossible to escape.  Yet, Dr. King reminded us that the Universe is on the side of justice.  As hard as that may be to believe, those of us who are involved in the struggle for justice believe that if we continue to push, if we continue stay focused on our vision and continue to struggle, we will ultimately see justice.

Part of our challenge is about shifting our priorities and shifting our narrative.  We need to shift our anger to love.  We need to shift our narrative from focusing on what we want to tear down to focusing on what we want to build.  And we need to shift our investments in violence to an investment in peace.  As a society, we spend billions investing in war, a broken criminal justice system, corporate tax breaks, and other failed unjust policies.  The return on those investments?  An endless cycle of war, violence, and destruction.  And as a society, how much do we invest in peace?  It’s no wonder that we are surrounded by violence.

Real, lasting Positive Peace will not come on it’s own.  As Dr. King said, true peace is not merely an abense of violence, but the presence of justice.  And in a world filled with injustice, justice is something we need to work towards and invest in.  Only when our investments in peace begin to match our investment in violence will we begin to see the changes that we so despareately need.

So join us in making an investment in bringing about a true, sustainable and lasting Positive Peace.  Join us by donating, spreading the word, or finding other ways to support our work.

We want to thank Peace Workers and everyone else for all of the support you have already shown, and thank you all in advance for your ongoing support.  Our first year, a year where we went without any grants, fundraising or even a bank account, showed us that our work can have a huge impact in our communities, and we know that the support that we need to maintain our work is out there.  We look forward to continuing to work with all of you.

Positive Peace,
Kazu & Jonathan


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