Whoa….. July’s Been a Busy Month for PPWN

Advanced Youth Training in Selma, AL

CLICK HERE to see photos from all our trainings!

We are now 18 days into the month of July, and so far PPWN has conducted FIVE workshops and trainings already this month!!!  Breaking that down, that’s:

  • Three two-day intro workshops and two week-long Advanced Youth Trainings!!!
  • 125 participants!!!
  • Over 3,000 individual hours of training, strategizing, and building the Beloved Community!!!
  • San Bruno County Jail

    The trainings were held in Oakland (CA), San Bruno (CA), Selma (AL), Tucson (AZ), and Chicago Heights (IL)!!!

  • The trainings happened with youth groups, inside county jails, with other nonviolence training organizations, public health groups, with middle school, high school and college students, and so many more!!!
  • In the process, we certified 45 young people to become Kingian Nonviolence Youth Presenters, so they can continue to spread the word by educating their peers!!!

And we did all of these trainings except one without any guarantee of money.  In fact, in four of those trainings we will probably end up losing money.

PPWN does this work because we believe in the power of nonviolence to change the world.  We do this work because our communities need it.  From high school teachers to middle school students, from Occupy activists to jail inmates – we are all in need of a new way to interact with each other.

Tucson, AZ Advanced Youth Training

We will continue to do the work that our communities need.  Before this crazy month started, we spent a week in Chicago, conducting another week-long Advanced Youth Training in partnership with North Lawndale College Prep High School.  By the time this month ends, we will have participated in another Advanced Youth Training with our friends at the CT Center for Nonviolence, located in Hartford, CT and two-day workshops in Chicago Heights, IL and in Rhode Island.

And we need your support to ensure that we can continue our work.  We need all of our communities to stop our investments in violence and start to invest in peace.  PPWN relies heavily on our community for support and volunteers.  And thanks to the matching challenge grant from PeaceWorkers US, every dollar you give until the end of the summer (up to $10,000) will be matched, so it will count TWICE!!!

We know that many people are struggling right now.  With the economy, with unemployment, the violence that always comes out in the summer, with the elections looming.  But we ask all of you to keep in mind the fourth principle, and give what you can so that we can continue to expand our vision of the Beloved Community.

Please consider donating now by CLICKING HERE to support our work.  We thank you all for your love and support.

More People! More Power!! More Progress!!!



One Response to Whoa….. July’s Been a Busy Month for PPWN

  1. Amen, hallelujah, and right on! Get on down wit yo bad selves!

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