Help us Reach our $10k Match!!!

Our work with the incarcerated community

Greetings Beloved Community!!!

If you’ve been following PPWN on Facebook over the summer, then you know that we’ve been INCREDIBLY busy.  In fact, this year in general – our first full year of operations – has been incredibly busy, and if anything it has been confirmed to us that the work that we do is needed in so many communities.

Since January of this year, PPWN has been to eight states to conduct over 30 workshops and trainings for close to 950 people.  We have conducted two-day workshops for 200 incarcerated men (and looking forward to working with incarcerated women soon!), have certified 100 youth who are now Kingian Nonviolence co-presenters after having gone through a 40-hour, week-long training, and have worked with youth as young as 13 and as old as 70+.

Our work with youth

We have partnered with High Schools, meditation centers, Occupy movements, activist groups, sheriff’s departments, college groups and community centers.  We have worked with middle school, high school and college students as well as teachers and professors.  We have worked with jail inmates as well as jail staff.  We have worked with former City mayors, formerly incarcerated people, anarchists, people of faith – the people we have worked with this year are a true representation of the Beloved Community.

All of this work, we have done without any guarantee of funding.  We have not turned one person away from attending our workshops due to funding, and many of our workshops cost PPWN money out of our pocket (the jail program is not yet funded).

However, in order for us to continue to practice the Top-Down Bottom-Up approach and work with all communities, we need your support.  Despite our big impact, PPWN is an incredibly small organization, and we are committed to staying small.    So each dollar that comes in goes a loooong way to building a culture of positive peace.

Our work in the community

As you may remember, earlier this year our friends at PeaceWorkers US gave us a $10,000 match challenge, our first big donation.  So far, we have raised just under $9,000.  If we are able to raise the balance by the end of this month, we will have met our match, which means that we will be able to receive the full $10,000 from PeaceWorkers.

PLEASE consider supporting PPWN by clicking on the “Donate” button on the top right corner of this page.  Every dollar you give will count (twice if we meet our match!), and will ensure that we can continue to partner with low-income communities, jails, youth centers and others who are so desperate to change the culture of violence that all of us have been trained in.  It’s now time to invest in peace, and train ourselves to create positive change in our communities!!

Please give as much as you can, and help us by spreading the word.  Thank you for all you do!!!

Towards a Culture of Positive Peace,

The PPWN Team


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