My Truth!

I want to take some time right now and share with you a thank you note I recieved this summer form one of the participants from a workshop that was presented in Selma, AL. The letter came from a young man named Tim Emahiser:


This past week has been great learning  and experiencing the Kingian Nonviolence way of life. While the way of nonviolence is powerful, it wouldn’t have affected us all the way it did if it wasn’t so obvious that you yourself embody the six principles 100% I have learned so much from you about suspending judement that will really help me from day to day.

What I really like about the program was that it was focused on the future. You taught us the steps and encouraged us to apply them to a current issue.

I am going to take this information back to River Falls and share it with everyone I can. I am fortunate to have a space where I have the opportunity to present this information to students. I know we can make change. Looking forward to our first conference call.

Thank you,

Tim Emahiser.

This thank you note made me feel proud and full of joy but it also made me think of how often I fall short of the principles. I have excelled in many things and I have failed maybe more times. I have broken promises. I have taken people for granted. I have doubted myself and my dream.

I want to thank this student for seeing the me I want to be and I want to say sorry to all of my friends, family, co-workers, and intimate partners I am sorry for the pain I have caused and for my less than loving behavior. I promise to continue to become a better me.

Positive Peace,

Jonathan L. Lewis
Founder of the Positive Peace Warrior Network.


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