Happy International Day of Peace!!

Happy International Day of Peace from the Positive Peace Warrior Network!!! We are in the midst of celebrating this day with a series of events and workshops with PPWN Chair and co-author of the Kingian Nonviolence philosophy, Dr. Bernard Lafayette.

Yesterday, we are able to reach close to 300 people, about half of whom were incarcerated men and the other half in the community.  We were able to speak with three different pods inside the San Bruno County Jail, each of which houses about 48 men.  Each of these pods have recently received a two-day Kingian Nonviolence workshop, so it was great to be able to bring in Doc to speak to the men.

We were also joined by several staff, including the jail’s Captain, several of the deputies and program staff.

In the evening, we were joined by about 125 people at our event at Humanist Hall.  We  were incredibly honored and humbled to see such a huge, diverse crowd.  In addition to hearing from Doc, we were blessed with some youth performing poetry, a blessing from the East Bay Meditation Center, and a video message from youth in Selma, AL (despite some technical challenges…).

May we all find joy, no matter where we are.

This has been an amazing year for us, as you all know.  In our effort to practice the Top-Down Bottom-Up approach, we have worked with sherriffs departments and Occupy Movements.  In our commitment to bridge the gap between genrations, we have worked with elders as old as 85 and youth as young as 15.  In our investment to youth, we have worked with High Schools, colleges and youth organizations.  In our effort to reach our vision of the Beloved Community, we have worked with churches and meditation centers, with incarcerated men and wealthy donors, with former mayors and homeless youth.

We’ll be posting more about our week celebrating the International Day of Peace later, including videos of our work.  In the meantime, we wanted to THANK YOU ALL again for all that you do in the name of Positive Peace!!!

Enjoy just a few pictures from yesterday.  These were all taken in just one day!!!  If we continue to boycott violence and invest in peace, we will find justice!

Doc speaking to one of the pods inside San Bruno County Jail

Some of the men inside the jail. This pod went through a two-day workshop in August.

Some of the men inside the jail. This pod was trained in July.

Our Beloved Community!

Marsean, a youth poet from Youth Spirit Artworks, performs a poem at our event. Marsean and other youth from YSA, as well as youth from Youth Alive and BAY-Peace went through a workshop in August.

Dr. Bernard Lafayette Jr., Civil Rights leader, Senior Scholar in Residence at Emory University and Chair of SCLC and PPWN, and Mushim Ikeda, Core Teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center.

Check out more images of our Jail Visit and Community Event.




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