Advanced Training Opportunities in Kingian Nonviolence!!!

Greetings to our Beloved Community!

Over this past year, many of you (over 1,000 and counting!) participated in one of our many two-day workshops, which is an introduction into the philosophy of Kingian Nonviolence. And many of you have reached out to us since then to ask the question, “so what’s next?” “How can I learn more,” and “how do I become a trainer?”

Youth in Chicago going through a weeklong Advanced Training to become Youth Presenters

We are thrilled to hear about people’s interest in studying more about this philosophy, and the reality is is that we need you. We need more and more people to have the capacity to educate others about King’s vision of building a nonviolent society. And as our own work expands in the local jails and with community and youth
groups throughout the country, we need to expand our team to meet the demand for our work.

We are happy to announce two upcoming oppurtunities for you to go through the next stages of training!

This January in Oakland, CA, we will be hosting a 5-day Advanced Training, which will take place over two weekends. We will begin with full day sessions on Saturday and Sunday, January 12th and 13th, and continue into Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, training all day from the 19th – 21st of January. This will include a “field trip” on the 19th, attending a workshop and panel discussion hosted at the Church of Fellowship, a church founded by King’s mentor Howard Thurman as the country’s first fully integrated, multi-cultural church (more on that below).

After participating in this advanced training, participants will be certified as Kingian Co-Presenters. This means that you will be able to facilitate certain portions of the two-day curriculum, and be able to assist full time trainers during presentations in the jails and our in the community. CLICK HERE to find out more about this oppurtunity.

Matt, aka “Rev Win,” presents for the first time after receiving his Level I Certification from PPWN.

Also, this coming August in Selma, Alabama, PPWN will be partnering with the Freedom Foundation to host a full, two-week Level I Certified Training. This intensive, held from August 5th through the 16th, will certifiy you to present the entire two-day introductory workshop in Kingian Nonviolence. Through participation in lots of small group work, research projects, role plays, lectures, video presentations and other activities, you will be fully briefed in the philosophy of Kingian Nonviolene and the history of the movement from which it was born.

This will also be an oppurtunity for you to learn directly from Dr. Bernard Lafayette, who was one of the first national organizers to work in Selma. It is a great chance for you to learn the history of the movement there from one of the people who led the organizing in that very city. CLICK HERE to find out more about this oppurtunity.

Participation is limited in both trainings, so please register early. Even if you are not able to participate in the actual trainings, you will be receiving updates soon about how you can still contribute to these trainings, and to the expansion of our Beloved Community. Stay tuned.

And make sure to check out two more upcoming events in the Bay Area!

On Saturday January 19th, come celebrate the Martin Luther King Day Weekend with PPWN, Occupy Be the Change Caucus, and the Church for Fellowship of All Peoples, the country’s first fully integrated, multi-cultural church founded by King’s Mentor Howard Thurman.  Panelists include PPWN’s own Kazu Haga.  CLICK HERE for more.

And save the date for Friday, February 1st as PPWN partners with Christian Peacemaker Teams to host a production of Ted & Company’s “Peace, Pies and Prophets: Who Wants to Buy An Enemy?”  This is a comedic theater piece that explores how society uses fear to control us.  This will be a joint fundraiser for PPWN and CPT.  More details to come, CLICK HERE for more about the play.

We look forward to continuing to build with each and every single one of you!

Positive Peace,



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