PPWN Featured in Street Spirit!


The December edition of Street Spirit is hot off the press!

The December edition of Street Spirit is hot off the press!

Street Spirit is a monthly news magazine published by the American Friends Service Committee, and given out to homeless men and women throughout the Bay Area for free so that they can sell it on the streets as a source of income.

Two months ago, Street Spirit covered Dr. Bernard Lafayette’s visit to the Bay Area with a long interview and an article about his visit.

This month, they were kind enough to profile the work of PPWN and post an interview with Operations Director and Bay Area Coordinator Kazu Haga.

Check out both articles online below, and if you live in the Bay Area, make sure to pick up a copy if you see it being sold in the streets!  Help to spread the word about our work, support a person struggling with homelessness, and support a great magazine all at the same time!

Bringing Dr. King’s Message to a New Generation
This is how a legacy is passed on to a new generation: Martin Luther King gave his life to spreading the message of nonviolence. After he was assassinated, Bernard Lafayette picked up the fallen torch, and passed it on to Kazu Haga. Now Kazu shares this vision with the next CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Building the Positive Peace Warrior Network: The Interview with Kazu Haga
Kazu Haga is dedicated to spreading Martin Luther King’s vision of the Beloved Community to the next generation. Rev. King believed that his philosophy of nonviolent resistance could be effective not just in the struggle against segregation, but also in the struggle against militarism, and in the struggle against economic CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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