Three Fold Path

Social Transformation Through the Three-Fold Path

Saturday, January 19th, 2013
9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Church for Fellowship of All Peoples
2041 Larkin St., San Francisco 


Come celebrate Martin Luther King Day Weekend with PPWN and others at the Church for Fellowship of All Peoples, a church founded by MLK’s mentor Howard Thurman, and the first fully integrated Church in the country!

The event will feature an opening from the Church for Fellowship’s Rev. Dorsey Blake, and panelists Kazu Haga from PPWN, Brenda Salgado from Movement Strategy Center, and Mary Lim Lampe from Genesis.

Additional Information:

The Three Fold Path to Social Change: Personal Development, Alternative Communities, and Civic Engagement. Efforts in each of these three areas reinforce the others. The stronger we are as individuals, the more we contribute to our communities and effective civic engagement. Strong communities nurture strong individuals and provide a foundation for effective civic engagement. Effective civic engagement enhances personal strength and builds social infrastructure.

Do you want to: 1) Work on your personal development; 2) organize to impact public policy; or 3) help build new, sustainable communities?

If so, we invite you to celebrate MLK weekend by joining us as we explore the Gandhi-King holistic Three-Fold Approach to organizing and social change.The event will feature a panel discussion, small group
discussions and networking opportunities.

To Register, visit

The event is co-sponsored by Church for Fellowship of All Peoples, Occupy Be the Change Caucus and the Positive Peace Warrior Network.
For more information, email or call (415) 776-4910.

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