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PPWN in Chicago, 2011



  • (510) 967-5394  (Providence, RI)
  • (510) 967-4710 (Oakland, CA)
PO Box 1554
Oakland, CA 94604


3 Responses to Contact Us

  1. sandra a smith says:

    Please contact me with details of your next non-violence training. I was trained by SNCC in 1962, but its been a long time.

  2. Kazu, Thanks for the video on ML King’s Non-violence. Indigene Community works with humanity’s indigenous knowledge for sustainability. We refer to the Haudenosaunee (People of the extended home) Great Law of Peace and similar statutes around the world. In order to give meaning to our words, “To become the change we want to see in the world”, we advocate practicing this Economic Democracy as found in humanity’s original universal heritage from everywhere. When we include each other and collaborate, we establish peace. Two parts of the Great Law include: 1) multi-home design and planning so multiple generations and disciplines can achieve economies of scale and work together. 2) Time-based inclusive economic progressive ownership accounting in the Production Societies PS including domestic and community service, women’s work, industry, commerce. Caucusing of similar interests within the specialized PS enabled diverse talents to work together and achieve community economies together.

  3. The most important work in the (Occupy & Arab Spring) Movements right now is the work Kazu is doing. Bar none, it’s #1 Priority to train the non-violent peace troups in personal discipline, training and non-violent events’ deportment.

    Nothing we are trying to do needs to be invented: Gandhi, MLK and Mandela all tested, improvised and implemented these principles (to all 3 take back Nations!!!)

    We do need to upgrade and improve our efforts so as to also invite more of the 99% of the citizenry over the line to our side. If they are repelled from being with a bunch of ‘slovenlies,’ it’s not their fault. We need to conduct ourselves on the high order of Gandhi, MLK and Mandela.

    Good work, Kazu! You represent the high water mark on Everything the Occupy movement’s about and is trying to accomplish. Thank you for your leadership!

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