Videos Coverage of the Occupy Movement

Kazu Haga being interviewed by KEXP in Seattle about the role of Nonviolence in the Occupy movement.

Occupy Wall Street West, activists use creative nonviolent direct actions to shut down banks and turn San Francisco’s financial district into a festival for justice.

This was a dialogue between advocates of Nonviolence and advocates of diversity or tactics, organized by Occupy Oakland.  See our youtube page for statements by each of the 8 panelists.

The Positive Peace Warrior Network’s Kazu Haga advocating for nonviolence within Occupy Oakland

On 11/19, Decolonize/Occupy Oakland marched to support one of 5 schools in Oakland that is facing a closing. We then marched back downtown, where we set up camp at 19th & Telegraph, despite controversy and disagreements even within the movement.

On 11/17, the QPOC/POC Committee of Decolonize/Occupy Oakland hosted an inter-generational, cross-cultural vigil to honor all of our ancestors.

On the morning of 11/14, Oakland police evicted campers from Occupy Oakland. Later that day, a crowd of 1,000 marched to the Plaza to hold our General Assembly.

Occupy Oakland’s historic General Strike.  If you were not in the streets with us, this video will give you a sense of what went down. Please share.

Occupy Oakland for Scott Olsen, the marine who served two tours in Iraq and was shot in the head with a projectile by police. Scott sustained a fractured skull. Visit to donate to his medical fund.

One day after Occupy Oakland was shut down, we reclaimed it with an even bigger crowd. Police repression will only strengthen nonviolent movements. Please share this video.

Oakland Police Department shoots tear gas into a peaceful crowd.

Eastern Medicine Singers offer their songs at Occupy Wall Street.

Eastern Medicine Singers marching through New York, on their way to support Occupy Wall Street.


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