Upcoming Trainings & Events

Below is a list of upcoming training’s  workshops and events that are open to the public.  In addition to the events listed below, PPWN runs ongoing programs for the incarcerated community and for youth around the country.

If you would like to help organize a training in your region, please contact us at positivepeacewarrior@gmail.com.

1/12- & 1/19-21, 2013
5-Day Advanced Training

Oakland, CA

This advanced training will certify participants to become Kingian Co-Presenters, with the ability to facilitate portions of the Kingian Nonviolence Training Curriculum. We are looking for people to help assist our workshops inside the jails, with local youth, and in the community.  (CLICK HERE for more)

Social Transformation via the Three-Fold Path
San Francisco, CA

Come celebrate Martin Luther King Day Weekend at the Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples, founded by King’s mentor Howard Thurman as the first fully integrated church in the country.  The event will feature speakers, panelists and small group discussion.  (CLICK HERE for more)

Peace, Pies & Prophets
Oakland, CA

This is a joint fundraiser with our friends Christian Peacemaker Team.  The production, by Ted & Company, is a performance piece entitled “I’d Like to Buy an Enemy,” a satire whose target is the use of fear in our society to control us, the use of The Other to make us afraid, how the selling of war is such a big business, and even bananas as a conflict commodity.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the play and reserve tickets.  We are also looking for volunteers and for people to bake pies for us for the Pie Auction, which will be part of the performance.  Please send an email to emailkazu[at]gmail[dot]com if you can help out!

2/8 & 9/2013
Kingian Nonviolence 2 Day Core Workshop
Philadelphia, PA

Two-day introductory workshop on the philosophy of Kingian Nonviolence.  CLICK HERE to register.

2/23 & 2/24, 2013
Kingian Nonviolence 2 Day Core Workshop
Marin County, CA

This two-day introductory workshop is sponsored by the Metta Center for Nonviolence.  CLICK HERE to register.

SEASON OF NONVIOLENCE-2 Kingian Nonviolence 2 Day Core  Workshops
Rochester, NY

This event is sponsored by the Gandhian Institute of Rochester, NY as a part of their annual celebration of the “Season of Nonviolence”.  PPWN will be presenting two 2 Day Core Kingian Introductions back to back to two different groups of 35 multi-cultural youth each.

2/26& 27/2013
Kingian Nonviolence 2 Day Top/Down Bottom/Up Orientation
Trenton, NJ

PPWN has been invited to facilitate a Kingian Nonviolence orientation for local community, political, and legitimate leaders. This is an effort being led by Rev. Brooks & the group “Occupy The Hood” of Trenton New Jersey. The second day we will be conducting a 5 hour Kingian Nonviolence orientation for the youth leaders of the community.

Alternative Spring Break Program
Selma, AL

PPWN was invited back for a consecutive year to provide Kingian Nonviolence exposure to college & university students from around the country. Each week 125+ students will be flocking to Selma, AL, to learn about and experience the history of the south. Last year the program was only for one week. This year 3 weeks long! More People! More Power!! More Progress!!!

8/5th-16th, 2013
Level I Certification Training
Selma, AL

This two-week training, held in partnership with the Freedom Foundation, is an intensive that will certify participants to present the full two-day introductory workshop in Kingian Nonviolence.  (CLICK HERE for more)

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