It is time for OLD ideas with NEW legs and the Montgomery Movement type of committment.


I am sitting here feeling the need to get something off of my chest. I write these words with a deep love for all those who sacrifice personal profit and struggle to make tomorrow better than today.

In the wake of all the domestic tragedy/terrorism many of us are frightened that the next place we go could be the next place to go KaBoom or to be laced with bullets. We are living in a time where violent expression of ones internal pain and external disappointment over a personal conflict with an individual or society as a whole, is becoming the norm.

Understandably, folks are calling for more gun laws and more police in our schools to protect our most precious gift to the future, our children. I cant imagine how I would feel if I was to receive a phone call stating that my child was gunned down by an unstable person, a student, or a police person. I agree with having the strictest of policies that do not infringe on the 2 Amendment of the Bill of Rights (as reads today). I believe that many of us are correct with our outrage with the current crisis we call reality, however, I will not condone violent acts of retaliation until all other Kingian & Gandhian nonviolent solutions have been explored. We continue to have protest/demonstrations that last for less then 48 hours. We think we are doing something but it pales in comparison of the activist of the the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the 381 days of commitment that serve as the foundation of all of Dr. King’s activist life and future campaigns. I think here is the secret to their victories and the reason for our constant tire spinning. We can not be afraid to live differently. We can not be afraid to take a stand in the face of personal persecution.

This is why Gandhi is quoted saying that, ‘ if cowardice is the only option to violence, he believed it better to fight back’. Cowardice is not an option! The american way is to fight back and I agree we must fight back to show our children how to redirect our nation in the moment of crisis. We must act in a way, so our land doesn’t experience any more victims of senseless violence. I must be clear that I am not suggesting to suppress the voices of decent. I am suggesting that we must move with military precision, Kingian compassion, and Gandhian determination to uncover the root cause of the recent acts of domestic tragedy/terrorism/violence. Dr. Martin Luther King jr fought with tenacity of a rattle snake and the compassion of the dove. His venom was a vision of a new world and philosophy of reconciliation to bring forth the Beloved Community. After being bit by his vision none of us have ever been the same.

Dr. King was a solider for God.
Dr. King was a man of Courage.
Dr. King was a human that spoke truth to power.

Our children deserve more from us than to just honor the mans ‘Dream’.
He did not speak to please everyone but rather to ease his conscience and better his relationship with his God. When speaking he seemed more focused on justice for all of humanity and working for the people not prestige. As we continue into the 21st Century let us learn from him that the price of freedom is a life’s commitment not lip service and half steppin.

I must tell you I am intrigued by the idea of more trained forces in our schools. Our teachers need all of the support we can provide them in order to create a positive learning environment. I believe if we are to save the smallest of us we must be proactive in a way that prevents all people from potential pain and conflict growing into violent expression. Dr. King believed in a special forces group that received special forces type training with the focus of creating a final outcome of reconciliation not absolute surrender of the opponent . Our schools need specially trained individuals who have the courage to act nonviolently in the face of expressed violence. This will be the key to us creating a healthy positive learning environment for our children, for your community, for the United States of America, and our planet.

As a people, we have surrendered to violence as the solution and because of that we are constantly exposed to more violence. I don’t hear the everyday citizen talking out against the constant forms of suppression that the American people are being exposed. I see many honoring those heroes of the past that were willing to risk everything to help humanity get back on track with honorariums, statutes, and jobs. I wish we honored them by conducting the same type of courageous acts of solidarity in the name of future generations. I also realize that just because I don’t see or hear our elders and current activist conducting themselves strategically that they are not trying. It does put me in a place where I want to try harder and offer my hand in the effort.

If we have been woking in the same field for decades and we can not point to major progress than I must ask how effective have we been. Folks continue to encourage others to get involved in the system so that you can change the system and I would have agreed 10 years ago with that approach. At one time I thought only if the idea and plan was presented that intelligent people would decide to include the ideas because it would further the cause for humanity as a whole. If this was only the case. In my short life I have seen brilliant ideas ignored because those in leadership did not identify with the expression of the idea or the accent that echoed throughout the room as it was explained. When will this end?

It is time for new ideas and the Montgomery Movement type of committment.

One Response to It is time for OLD ideas with NEW legs and the Montgomery Movement type of committment.

  1. Brandon van Niekerk says:

    Well said brother , it’s time to raise a global army of peace warriors. Fear and the resultant violence and violent reaction has been observed passively for too long

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