PPWN relies on a committed group of volunteers, and our work would not be successful without our team!!!  There are many ways that you can support our work.  No matter how much time you are able to give, there is a way you can get plugged in.  Even if there is a task that you are not familiar with, someone will coach you through it so you get a new skill!

If you are interested in volunteering, CLICK HERE to join our team!!!


  • Data Entry & Management
    We are always in need of people to help enter new contact information, update our database, etc.  You can volunteer for as little as an hour a time!
  • Website Management
    This will require posting updates to our website.  Each update will probably take 10-20 minutes depending on your familiarity with wordpress.
  • Editing E-Newsletters
    We use a service called mailchimp to create and send out our e-newsletters.  Each newsletter includes links to some of our recent articles, media hits, and other updates.  You will receive all of the information you will need to create the newsletter, and each newsletter will probably take 1 hour to create.

Event Logistics

  • Managing Registrations
    Each workshop we put on requires a person to manage registrations.  This means sending confirmations to each person who registers, managing cancellations, sending a reminder email a few days before the workshop and creating a sign-in sheet.  This task will require 2-3 hours over a 4-5 week period, with half of that work taking place in the last few days before the event.
  • Event Set-Up
    This requires showing up 30 minutes before a workshop begins (typically 9 or 10AM on a Saturday), helping with set-up, and managing the sign-in process for the first 1.5 hours after the workshop begins.  This task will require 2 hours per event.


  • Grants Research & Grant Writing
    Join our grant-writing team!  We meet a couple of times a year, and communicate infrequently via email.  You might help us do research on potential grants and writing/editing grant proposals and reports.
  • Other Fundraising
    Do you have any other creative ideas to help raise funds for PPWN?  We are always grateful for any ideas or support people can offer.


  • Graphics Design
    We are always in need of various graphics and images.  This could include anything from creating logos and images, brochures, website banners, reports and documents, and other items.  Required time will depend on the project.  We ask that volunteers already have some design experience.
  • Video Editing
    Positive Peace Warrior Production is our media editing team.  We produce regular videos for posting on youtube.  Most videos are between 10-15 minutes long, and can highlight PPWN’s workshops, demonstrations and other events.  Required time will depend on the project.  We ask that volunteers already have video editing experience.
  • Documentation
    Help us document our workshops and other projects!!!  We will provide you with a camera and/or video camera, and all you have to do is hang out and take some pictures/videos!  We prefer that volunteers can stay for at least one full day (8 hours), but you can sign up for any amount of time your schedule allows.  No experience necessary.
Spread the Word/Work
  • Spread the Word!!!
    Help us spread the word by sharing updates with your friends via email, facebook, and real-life conversations!!!  We may also at times need help in handing out/posting fliers, helping us table at events, etc.
  • Spread the Work!!!
    Almost all of our work begins with someone in our community inviting us in and helping to organize a workshop.  If you are a part of an organization, a religious community, a school or any other group that might be interested in hosting one of our workshops, please get in touch!


  • Blog with Us!
    We are always looking for people to write for our website.  We welcome submissions on anything related to nonviolence, activism or anything else that you think supports our mission.  This could be in the form of poetry, writing about your experience at a PPWN event, thoughts and analysis on current events, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering, CLICK HERE to join our team!!!

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