Below is a list of Kingian Nonviolence trainings currently offered by the Positive Peace Warrior Network.  Please contact us if you would like to schedule a training in your region.

Participants receive their certificate of completion of a 2-day core in Oakland

2 Day Introductory Core
This two-day, 16 hour training will provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy and strategy of Kingian Nonviolence.  This training is useful for anyone who deals with conflict: inter-personal or larger social conflicts, whether in your personal life, in the workplace, or in your work for social change.

During this training, we will go over the types and levels of conflict, some readings and analysis of Dr. King’s thinking, the six principles of nonviolence (a framework of how to respond to conflict), and the six steps of nonviolence (how to take those principles and put them into a social change organizing campaign).   The training will include lectures, role plays, video presentations, and other interactive activities.

5 Day Youth Certification Program
This 5-day, 40 hour training geared towards youth and youth workers will certify participants to present a 90 minute presentation on Kingian Nonviolence.  Participants will be introduced to the theory of Kingian Nonviolence, and will spend several days memorizing and practicing the presentations and exercises.  Those who pass a written and oral examination will be certified to present the material to other youth.

Chicago 5-day youth training

2 Week Certification Program
This two-week training involves a total of 100 classroom hours.  Those who complete the course and pass the written and oral exams will be certified to present the two-day introductory core trainings.

This training happens annually at the University of Rhode Island’s Center for Peace and Nonviolence Studies.  Click HERE for more information about their annual summer institute.  If you are interested in hosting a 2-week program in your region, please contact the Positive Peace Warrior Network.

1-Day & 1/2 Day Workshops
These mini-workshops will provide participants a glimps of the larger Kingian Nonviolence philosophy, and can be geared towards your needs (time and focus).  Longer trainings are highly recommended, but these shorter presentations may be enough to give people an interest in attending a longer training.

One Response to Trainings

  1. julie embry says:

    I am interested in registering myself and two firends for the upcoming workshops with Dr. Lafayette and Congressman, Lewis. on September 22nd and 23rd in Oakland, ca. My names and friends are: Julie Embry, Deirdre Brown and (Yasmin Michelle, Oakland Journalist).

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