6 Steps of Kingian Nonviolence

Step 1: Information Gathering

  • The way you determine the facts, the options for change and the timing of pressure for raising the issue is a collective process.

Step 2: Education

  • Is the process of developing articulate leaders, who are knowledgeable about the issue.

Step 3: Personal Commitment

  • Means looking at your internal and external involvement in the nonviolent campaign and preparing yourself for long-term as well as short term action.

Step 4: Negotiation:

  • Is the art of bring together your views and those of your opponent to arrive at a just conclusion or clarify the unresolved issues, at which point, the conflict is formalized.

Step 5: Direct Action

  • Occurs when negotiations have broken down or failed to produce a just response to the contested issues and conditions.

Step 6: Reconciliation

  • Is the mandatory closing step of a campaign, when the opponents and proponents celebrate the victory and provide joint leadership to implement the change.

2 Responses to 6 Steps of Kingian Nonviolence

  1. […] A good overview of Kingian Nonviolence is presented by the Positive Peace Warriors Network in three brief pieces on their website: Kingian Nonviolence; Six Principles of Kingian Nonviolence; Six Steps of Kingian Nonviolence. […]

  2. Olugbo ese Abel says:

    Nonviolence teaches us life.

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