Occupy Oakland Re-emerges

I should really be in bed right now, but I am so inspired by what I saw and needed to put this up tonight.  One day after 17 law enforcement agencies raided Occupy Oakland, one day after police shot tear gas into a peaceful crowd, one day after police put an Iraq veteran in critical condition, we regained the plaza and went on a hours and hours long victory parade throughout the entire town.

I will be writing more later, but please share this video with people you know so everyone can see the power of the people!!!

One last thing – a general assembly of thousands of people voted for a general strike on Wednesday, November 2nd.  If you can, don’t go into work and hit the streets.

“Shutting it down” is not about a small number of people raising a ruckus and shutting down an intersection for an hour.  It is about all people commiting to one day (or more) of solidarity, for the entire day, shutting down businesses not because they are afraid of their window getting smashed but because they are in the streets with us.

Good night Oakland, I love you all, ya’ll are beautiful.



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